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Temporary Graudate Visa 485 Extension

Extension for Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) Commencement: 20 January 2021 Target: 485 Post Study Work Stream + Regional study and stay Extension option: 1 yr or 2 yrs Visa Application Charge: $650/ +18 $325/ -18 $165 ---------------------- For the Temporary Graduate Visa (485) Post Study Work, followings are the 485 periods depend on your [...]

Visa Processing times

Global visa and citizenship processing time is updated monthly and guide you with an indicative timeframe for processing. Here are some popular visa types processing time for you.   Visa Type Stream 75% of applications Processed in 90% of applications processed in 500 - Student visa (subclass 500) Higher Education Sector 80 days 4 months [...]

RMA for an Australian Visa

Do you need help applying for an Australian Visa? Only RMA (Registered Migration Agent) can legally give immigration assistance in Australia. Immigration assistance (under section 276 of the Migration Act 1958) is when a person uses or claims to use knowledge of, or experience in migration procedure to assist with visa applications or other visa [...]

IMMI Credit Card security

IMMI now has new credit card security policy in place.  Please see below for your reference.   NEW Credit card fraud prevention solution On Thursday 10 December 2020 a cardholder authentication security function was activated for online payments via ImmiAccount. When you make a payment with a debit or credit card issued by an Australian [...]

Who gets to stay in Australia SBS

"Who gets to stay in Australia?" is stories for permanent residency applicants.  This documentary covers the life changing moments of 13 permanent residency applicants (and their families) by SBS.   Here are episodes and it is worth while to hear the stories. E1 Partner visa: Character, Health, overstay E2 Partner visa: children, identity, disability E3 [...]

IMMI How to pay online application

You can pay online for visa online applications in ImmiAccount by; Credit Card, PayPal, UnionPay and BPAY (Note: ImmiAccount: "Manage Payments" are for a paper application or an invoice only.)   Credit card: The surcharge shown applies MasterCard (including Debit MasterCard) – 1.40% VISA (including VISA DebitCard) – 1.40% American Express (AMEX) – 1.40% Diners [...]

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