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Visa Processing times

Global visa and citizenship processing time is updated monthly and guide you with an indicative timeframe for processing. Here are some popular visa types processing time for you.   Visa Type Stream 75% of applications Processed in 90% of applications processed in 500 - Student visa (subclass 500) Higher Education Sector 80 days 4 months [...]

IMMI account

"Any Where, Any time online".  You can create your IMMI Account and apply your visa and follow up.   What you can do; Apply visa Access My Health Declaration Import a paper application Attach documents Check the progress and update application details online. Share your visa application with others.   You need; Phone and Email to [...]

South Australia GSM 2018-19 updates

South Australia GSM 2018 19 updates are on.   Followings are some quick points for the updates and please see below links for more details. - High points: 80 points - Chain migration: immediate family member residing for a minimum of 24 months - International graduates of South Australia: Working for the last three months, [...]

6 weeks Free OVHC BUPA

Get 6 week Free Working Visa cover* Need Working Visa cover for your working visa such as: 482, 485, 407, 408, 489, 188, 132 etc, Apply before 31 August 2018 and get 6 weeks free after the first month of payment*   Contact Storyoz today for your 6 week Free OVHC.  

65 Pool and pass marks for 189/ 190/ 489

65 Pool and pass marks for 189/ 190/ 489 From 1 July 2018, pool and pass marks for 189/ 190/ 489 for an invitation. Legislation details are here.   What does it mean to you? Getting Permanent Visa through Skillselect path as following 3 steps.   1. Skill: Full Skill Assessment 2. EOI: Expression of [...]


VEVO is Visa Entitlement Verification Online system at DOHA(Department of Home Affairs) and it provides online service to check your visa details and conditions.     myVEVO is free from app store Apple or Google.   You can set up PIN and see your VEVO at your hand since app saves your last successful visa [...]

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