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65 Pool and pass marks for 189/ 190/ 489

65 Pool and pass marks for 189/ 190/ 489

From 1 July 2018, pool and pass marks for 189/ 190/ 489 for an invitation.

Legislation details are here.


What does it mean to you?

Getting Permanent Visa through Skillselect path as following 3 steps.


1. Skill: Full Skill Assessment

2. EOI: Expression of Interest (Pool and Pass marks)

3. Invitation (Selection) for PR and visa application



Full skill assessment (FSA) for migration depend on each assessing authority according to your skill (occupation).

With FSA, you can consider points and lodge your expression of interest for 189, 190 and 489. Pool and pass marks are now 65.

For 189,

Minimum 65 marks to lodge EOI and then highest then earliest application will get the invitation.

For 190 and 489,

Minimum 65 marks(including state government nomination points) to lodge EOI and first come first service and depend on numbers for each financial year.


Following tables shows, a marks who is between 25-32 years old, English 7.0 who studied bachelor in Australia over 2 more years.


Factors Details Points Your Mark
Age 25-32 30  
English PTE 65 each 10  
Qualification Bachelor/ Master 15  
2 yr Study Australia 5  
TOTAL Marks 60  


So with pool and pass marks increase to 65, you can consider followings for additional points;

English 8.0 for 10 points

CCL: Credentialed Community Language or NAATI: 5 points

Professional Year for Accounting/ Engineering/ IT for 5 points

Australian Work Experience 1 year: 5 points

Regional Area Study more than 2 years: 5 points

Partner Skill: 5 points

190 (5 points) to 489 ( 10 points)  path change: 5 points


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