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IMMI Credit Card security

IMMI now has new credit card security policy in place.  Please see below for your reference.


NEW Credit card fraud prevention solution

On Thursday 10 December 2020 a cardholder authentication security function was activated for online payments via ImmiAccount.

When you make a payment with a debit or credit card issued by an Australian bank:

  • You must enter the address of the cardholder into the payment screen in ImmiAccount.
  • The cardholder may have to complete a security challenge to authorise the payment.

The bank may:

  • send a security authentication code to cardholder’s registered telephone number, or
  • send a verification link or security authentication code to the cardholder’s registered email address.

The bank may also decline the payment transaction. If this occurs the cardholder must contact their bank and advise that the Department is using 3-D Secure to authenticate payments.

If you are using someone else’s card to make a payment, you must have their permission. The cardholder must be present or able to be contacted in case their bank sends them an authentication challenge.

<Source: ImmiAccount login page, Jan 2021>


So the best way to pay, use your own credit card and expect to have two-way verification with the visa application fee payment.


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