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Occupations List 2018

To consider skills migration program, you start from which skill | Occupation you are after and here are the specification of occupations and assessing authorities. Occupations types are MLTSSL (Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List) and STSOL (Short-Term Skilled Occupation List). Immigration path is very different based on your Skill belongs to either MLTSSL or [...]

Course Application Checklist

What documents you need for your course application? Who you are, Academic background and English ability are key entry requirements so you need following documents; 1. Passport 2-1. Grauate Certificate 2-2. Academic Transcripts 3. English score: PTE, IELTS etc Additionally, depend on the course you choose or your circumstances, you might need following docuemtns on [...]

Visa application charge increase from 1 July 2017

VAC (Visa Application charge) is increasing from 1 July 2017. Followings are some popular visas.   Visit 600 Visitor, $135 to $140 600 Visitor onshore, $340 to $345   Study 485 Temporary Graduate, $1470 to $1500 500 Student visa, $550 to $560   Work 186 Employer Nomination Scheme, $3600 to $3670 187 Regional Sponsored Migration [...]

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