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When you consider to study in Australia, consider followings


1. Fields of study

What do you like to do? What things you enjoy? Check field of study and decide what to study.

Broad fields of education are as follows;

  • Natural and Physical Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering and related technologies
  • Architecture and building
  • Agriculture, environmental and related studies
  • Health
  • Education
  • Management and commerce
  • Society and culture
  • Creative arts
  • Food, Hospitality and personal services
  • Mixed field programmes

Source: Study in Australia


2. Apply your course: Accept and COE
All courses for international students are registered under CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institute and Courses for Overseas Students)

3. Student visa.
With 500 student visa, you can come to Australia for study and live. Your intention to study should be stated by GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrance) statement, mandatory OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) and health check are there to apply student visa. Check document checklist tool for student visa application.

4. Live in Australia:
Time to come to Australia for your study and live.

5. After graduate
You can work and develop your career after study in Australia with Graduate visa. With gradate visa, you can search for work experience and start your career and bring the experience back to your country.

Study and start your career in Australia.

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