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485 Graduate Visa

Finishing your study soon? Congratulate for all your efforts to settle down, meet new friends and study in Australia. As an international student, you might consider 485 Graduate visa after your current study and here are the basic requirements.

1. Graduate Work Stream:

MLTSSL (Mid and Long Term Strategic Skilled List) only and 18 months

2. Post-Study Work Stream:

Meet 2 years Australian study requirement, First student visa, After 5 November 2011 2 years
– Visa Application Charge: Base application charge $1650.00 as of 1 July 2019.
– You can lodge 485 until 6 months after you complete your study(Completion date) but make sure that you lodge it before your current visa expiry.
– Provisional Skill Assessment: You need this for Graduate Work Stream
(Eg. Commercial cookery and childcare course.)
– English: Overall score at least 6 with minimum a score of 5. (three years before you apply)
– The Australian study requirement: one or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications at least 92 weeks, 16 calendar months in CRICOS
– Health requirement
– Character requirement: Australian Federal Police National Police Check

Prepare it in advance along with your plan for possible permanent visa application. For the Skillselect EOI, you might need to consider English, PY and NAATI to increase your point test score.

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