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Student visa financial capacity requirement

Depend on the student visa assessment level which is combination of country of passport and Australian institute level, you may be required to provide financial documents upfront or Department of Home Affairs (the “DHOA”) case officer may ask for it as part of further assessment.


Living cost

From 1 February 2018, the 12 months living cost is;

Student/ Guardian A$20,290

Partner/Spouse A$7,100

Child A$ 3,040


Course fees

12 months course fee and you can minus what you already paid.


Travel cost

Around $2000+ as return ticket


Family members of students

Same level of financial requirement apply.



Evidence of financial capacity

12 months of funds

Annual income: At least A$60,000 or A$70,000 with family member.   Spouse (who is not travelling with you) or parents.


Genuine access to funds

Relationship and support letters


For more details visit Student visa financial capacity requirements at DOHA or ask your counsellor at Storyoz.


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