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Australian PR (Permanent Resident) – Journey for career and English


What is a visa? Visa give you the right to stay and travel into the country that you are not a citizen or does not have permanent visa.
There are two types of visa, temporary visa to visit, study or work temporary and Permanent visa through business, humanity, family, skills or employer. (5 Path to PR)


Skilled Occupation List

Skilled migration starts with skill or occupation. (Skilled occupation list) MLTSSL or STSOL, for a 189 independent skilled migration, you need to have a skill on MLTSSL.


Full Skill Assessment (FSA)

is done by assessment authorities and based on academic, English or experience.

After FSA, you can calculate your points based on age, English, qualification, experience and other factors. (Point Test table)


Expression of Interest:

With minimum of 65 points (as of 1 July 2019), you can lodged EOI and wait for invitation through Skillselect. EOI is not a visa and expires in two years.



189 Independent skilled migration, will choose the highest points who applied earlier. State nomination 190, 491 usually invited on first come first serve.


Visa application:

You need to apply visa within 60 days of invitation. It is time for your to apply PR and get approval.


It is a journey to develop your career and English along the way, so plan ahead early and know where you are heading.

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