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Working Holiday Maker Visa changes

Here are some changes from 5 November 2018,


1. Expanding the regional ares where 462 visa holders can work in Agriculture (plant and animal cultivation)

2. 417 and 462, Increase period from 6 to 12 months in agriculture (plant and animal cultivation) for one employer.

3. Third year option for 417 and 462 who after 1 July 2019 undertake 6-months of specified work in an specified regional ares during their second year.

4. Increasing annual caps to a number of countries for 462

5. Increase the eligible age for 417 from Canada and Ireland to 35


For more details information visit Changes Working Holiday Maker Visa.


More options for those who are after Working Holiday Maker Visa supporting Australia’s need for regional agriculture industry.

Why not 15% Working Holiday visa holder tax cut for consideration as well?

Three years temporary visa in rural area when you are young, is it worth?  Need to consider it carefully according to your purpose.  Yes for Working Holiday Maker but for your career?  You have the answer.


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