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Skilled Occupations Lists MLTSSL STSOL

Here are Combined list of eligible skilled occupations list “SOL” for MLTSSL and STSOL.


MLTSSL is Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List which can be used for Skilled Independent and 4 years of TSS  (Temporary Skills Shortage) and Skilled Employer path.


If we see MLTSSL in details,

Accounting, IT, Engineer, Nurse, Health Science, Chef, Brick layer, Painter, Welder are possible to get skill assessment after study as international students.

STSOL is Short Term Skilled Occupation List which can be used for 2 years of TSS (Temporary Skills Shortage)

Once you get skill assessment then you can consider 190 or 489 for State government nomination and also for Employer sponsorship with work experience and other criteria.


1. For TSS visa, maximum visa period available to you if your occupation is on;

STSOL for 2 years

MLTSSL for 4 years

2. Caveats on certain occupations ***

3. You need to contact Assessing Authorities if you need skills assessment as part of visa application.


If you need help to identify which occupation that you might be eligible for the skill assessment, contact us today.


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