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Caveats on Occupations

Caveats are for Temporary Work (Skilled) visa 457 and Employer Nominatoin Scheme visa 186. Please check Caveats on certain occupations.


Some common caveats are as follows;

1. Minimum two years relevant work experience

9. Low skilled tasks

10. Located in regional area

19. Business annual turnover over $1 Million

21. More than Five employee



Accountants, Advertising Specialist, Aeroplane Pilot, Agricultural Technician, Animal Attendants and Trainers (nec), Apiarist, Aquaculture Farmer, Baker, Beef Cattle Farmer, Cafe or Restaurant Manager, Chef, Chief Executive or Managing Director, Conference and Event Organiser, Contract Administrator, Cook, Corporate General Manager, Corporate Services Manager, Cotton Grower, Crop Farmer (nec), Customer Service Manager, Dairy Cattle Farmer, Facilities Manager, Finance Manager, Fitness Centre Manager, Flower Grower, Flying Instructor, Fruit or Nut Grower, Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower, Grape Grower, Graphic Designer, Hair or Beauty Salon Manager, Hairdresser, Helicopter pilot, Horse Breeder, Hotel or Motel Manager, ICT Project Manager, ICT Support Engineer, ICT Systems Test Engineer, Information and Organisation Professionals(nec), Livestock Farmers(nec), Management Consultant, Marketing Specialist, Massage Therapist, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Mixed Crop & Livestock Farmer, Mixed Crop Farmer, Mixed Livestock Farmer, Pastry cook, Pig Farmer, Post Office Manager, Poultry Farmer, Primary Products Inspectors(nec), Production Manager (Forestry), Recruitment Consultant, Retail Buyer, Sales and Marketing Manager, Sheep Farmer, Software Tester, Sports Centre Manager, Sugar Cane Grower, Supply and Distribution Manager, Taxation Accountant, Technical Sales Representatives (nec) inc education sales representatives, Transport Company Manager, University Lecturer, Vegetable Grower, Web Developer, Wine Maker


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