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Student Visa Digest OSHC

This is quick review of issues from the student visa digest from DIBP. From 1 Sep 2016 to 30 Nov 2016, 80,300 student visas were granted. (19.3 per cent increase when compared to last year.) Best tips for student visa are apply early and submit complete application with all supporting documents. 1. Lodge in time: [...]

PTE Academic

Considering PTE Academic?   It is fast, flexible test dates and approved by DIBP. You will have your result within 5 business days. (Usually 1 day after your test now)   In Sydney, you can book your test at Navitas, PLT at Cliftons or Pearson Professional Centres.   How to prepare? Free materials, Online Scored Practice [...]

Careers @ your university

What are you doing this summer? Planning internship?  Find out more at your career centre. Do you know that your university has career centre for you? Have you been there? If you joined a course as international students then adopting yourself to new environment is difficult. (where to live, eat, buy etc)  You need to adopt [...]

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