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Working holiday visa | Work 6 or 12 months, Study 4 months

Working holiday (417) and Work and holiday visa (462)’s main purpose is an extended holiday.


For the Work side,

Do you know that with your working holiday visa or Work and holiday visa, you can work up to 12 months?

You can do any kind of work but condition is maximum period of six months work with any one employer unless you got permission from DIBP. You don’t need DIBP’s permission to work with same employer up to 12 months where work in different locations and one location does not exceed six months.
1) Hotels, resorts or restaurants with same chain n different premises
2) Independently owned franchises in different workplaces
3) State and Territory schools and health care facilities at different addresses
4) Separate branches or facilities fo the same organisation or business owner.

So if you have chance to work up to 12 months, check the conditions in more details here.


For the Study side,

Condition 8548 (The 4 months study rule) is there.

With 417 and 462, limited study is permitted.  So you can undertake study or training for a total period of up to 4 months within the validity of the visa. This applies to all kinds of study on a full or part time basis.

If you have send 417 working holiday visa then further 4 months

This 4 months is interpreted as 17 weeks and 3 days of actual study.


Want to study on Working holiday visa, yes you can ! You can enjoy your working holiday or work and holiday visa for an extended holiday and you can work and study if you want to.  Plan ahead and enjoy your stay in Australia.


Storyoz Team


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