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Types of Writing


For your writing, you need to keep in mind following types and use the right type for your writing.


A Recount

is a piece of writing that tells us about something that happened in the order that it happened.


A Narrative

tells a story. It can be a real story or an imaginary story.


A Poem

is a word picture so clear that people can see and hear what the poet is writing about.


An Information report

is a piece of writing that informs that reader, Reports only contain facts. They do not include opinion.


A description of a person

is a piece of writing that lets us know that person as well as the writer does.


An Opinion

speech tells that audience what the speaker thinks about something and tries to persuade them to agree with him or her.


An Advertisement

is written to persuade the reader to buy something.


A Procedure

is a piece of writing that tells someone what to do or how to do it.


An invitation

gives all necessary information and encourages the reader to accept.


You can find more in details once you are into the types of writing.  English Workbook by Excel will give you more details for each type so go for it.


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