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Registered Nurse EOI 65 points plan

Are you Registered Nurse and hit 65 points but still on. graduate visa waiting for Invitation?

It used to. be getting invitation after you hit the minimum points 60 (Before July 2018) is around 1 months waiting. Which means you get your English IELTS 7.0 each then getting invitation was on your foot step.

But things changed and with the increase of minimum points for 189 independent skilled migration EOI (Expression of interest) from 60 to 65 as of 1 July 2018, invitation for 189 was done for minimum 70.

This made Registered nurse with 65 points struct on their 485 graduate visa wondering what to. after normal 2 years of graduate visa runs out. Current full time job as Register Nurse and any other choice for PR path?

You have choice of moving on your career with master program or Graduate Diploma in health area.

Western Sydney University has 1 year master for Registered Nurse who want to develop their career in health area. Great choice to develop your career path while having part time job as Registered Nurse and get more experience and target 3 years work experience in Australia for additional 5 points. (Hitting 70 points)

Talk to Storyoz and check details for your blue print for PR path as Registered Nurse today.

Storyoz Team

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