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Stay connected and get things rolling for your study and career. Here are some COVID-19 Resources for you.


Home Affairs provides updated information in following link for your visa and visa conditions.


Information in your language> for a translated information as well.


1. Visa

You need to maintain your visa properly and application procedures are normal except the processing time.  Support for 408 visa, giving 28 days and work restrictions are eased.

Covid19 Homeaffairs: Staying in Australia


2. Health Check for visa

BUPA Medical Visa Service (MVS) are taking your intention for health check and give you booking depend on your case.

With IMMI’s additional documents request for Health examinations, you can request for a booking.

My Health Declaration (MHD) service, which you can do a visa health check before your visa application is temporarily suspended until further notice.



3. Institutions support for COVID-19

Online or social distance maintained classes are provided accordingly.  Don’t worry about your attendance but stay connected with your course provider and follow updates.

Supports for course fees are in place so contact your provider, discuss your situation and work it out.


4. Australian Government support for temporary visa

Governments supports are on the way for temporary visa holders depend on states or territory.

Work restrictions are eased more than 40 hours fortnightly.

You may eligible for getting your superfund if you were in Australia on student visa more than 12 months.

Evictions from rental accommodation are prohibited for 6 months.

Check more in details from Study in Australia link.


Storyoz is currently following Government advice and offers home based online counselling for your visa and study matters. Contact us between 9:30 am to 5:00 Monday to Thursday for counselling.


Stay connected, be strong and all the best for your study and visa in Australia.


Storyoz Team


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