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Australian Jobs 2018 snapshot

Want to know Australian employment snapshot (at Nov 2017) in more details?


Please see below snapshots for your reference.

Total 12.4 million are employed in Australia and 3.9 millions in NSW as leading state and 0.25 millions in TAS as the the smallest number.

1.6 millions working in Health care and social assistance followed by 1.3 millions in Retail Trade.  Construction, Professional scientific and technical services and Education and training are employed more then 1 millions.


Top five growing industries are Health, Professionals, Constructions, Education/ Training and Accomodation and Food services.

(Occupations/Skills in Nurses, Aged care, Accountants, Engineers, Construction trades, Education and Chef)


Jobs of the future outlooks, 1. 77,400 new jobs in Aged and Disabled Carers, 2. 65,300 in Registered Nurses and 3. 25,800 in Child Carers.


Jobs which are difficult to automate or require a human presence are Aged and Disabled Carers, Chefs, Teacher, Plumbers and Software and Application Programmers.



For more details visit Department of Jobs and small business.


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